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Title: Again and Again
Author: [personal profile] rainfall
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Spoilers: For boss fight #17, and some of the Raven novel. Technically.
Characters/pairing: Raven
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none

It's a cycle. )
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Title: Banksia
Author: [personal profile] lynndyre
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Spoilers: for midgame events, Duke's motivations, etc.
Characters: Estelle, Duke
Rating: G
Warnings: None

Notes: Part of the Yuri Lowell, Private Eye AU.

Banksia )
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Title: Guy Obtains the Title 'Dashing Bride'
Author: [personal profile] lynndyre
Canon: Abyss
Spoilers: only for Guy's name.
Characters/pairing: Asch/Luke/Guy, Peony, Jade
Rating: all audiences

Guy Obtains the Title 'Dashing Bride'  )
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Title: Words
Author: [personal profile] vangirl
Canon: Abyss
Spoilers: Backstory
Characters/pairing: Sync + Mohs
Rating: All Audiences
Warnings: n/a

Words )
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Title: In The End
Author: Nessie
Canon: Tales of Destiny 2
Spoilers: while there aren't spoilers as such, it probably won't make sense unless you know what happens at the end of the game
Characters/pairing: Ritora, Atwight
Rating: worksafe
Warnings: none

In The End )
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Title: Stepping Out
Author: Cephy
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Spoilers: None
Characters/pairing: Yuri Lowell
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: None

He leaves the tunic on the foot of his bunk. )
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Title: Peep Show
Author: [personal profile] windychimes
Canon: Tales of the Abyss
Spoilers: None
Characters/pairing: Luke, with bonus Noir
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Crossdressing, exposure kink
In the gag manga, Luke dresses up as a maid. So this is totally justified.

The dress is tight and doesn’t fit right, but it’s still nice to wear. )
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