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Symphonia - Zelos & Sheena - Wintry

Title: Silent World
Author: [ profile] lavendre
Spoilers: Zelos Wilder's past
Characters/Pairing: Zelos/Sheena
Warnings: none
Rating: all audiences

Zelos didn't like the color white.

It was plain. It was bland. And it was the color of snow.

It's pure--unlike your foul mouth, Sheena had once said, catching silver on her fingertips, head tilted back so it would cling to her dark lashes--and Zelos had paused, watching the flakes fall overhead like tattered pillows, dusting powder on the trees and painting her exposed skin a lovely shade of peaches and cream.

It clumped in his locks--shaded his clothes--melted on the tip of his nose.

On her, it actually looked like snow--not snow pretending to be something it wasn't.