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Graces - Richard & Sophie

Title: Spring Rain
Author: [personal profile] canavasary
Canon: Tales of Graces
Spoilers: none
Characters/pairing: Richard & Sophie
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none

She was looking out the window, her arms encircling a thick book tightly to her chest. “It won’t stop raining,” she muttered.

“It won’t stop for a while yet.” Richard concurred, and then inquired. “What is that book you’re holding?”

Sophie smiled down at it. “Asbel gave it to me. It is a flower diary, he said.”

Smiling, Richard sat down beside her. “Is it? Why don’t we read through it so we can decide what flowers to plant once the rain stops?”

When she turned that gentle adoring smile up at him, Richard was silently glad for the rain.