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Vesperia - Judith - Bare Skin

Title: Clean Feel
Author: [personal profile] lavendre
Canon: Vesperia
Spoilers: none
Character/pairing: Judith
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none

The cold never bothered her.

There was something comforting about feeling cool air against the skin that one simply couldn't fathom under bundles and layers of clothes. It was a clean feeling, a sensation that left her thinking of places she hadn't been to before—lands and past civilizations she still had yet to discover.

Whenever Zopheir's winds bit at her flesh, or the gentle breezes of Nordopolica tugged at her cheeks, it was never an irritating sentiment; it was calming. Feeling the chill, yet not feeling her skin simultaneously...

There was something casual about enjoying nature's gentle graces, Judith decided.

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♥ Oh, Judy.
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She is beyond amazing. ♥
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Aw I love Judith in how she senses the world around her and takes her own stance on how to react to them. This was a pretty calming piece.

Lovely work.