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Vesperia - Leblanc, Flynn - from a great height

Title: Report
Author: [personal profile] lynndyre
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Spoilers: past Zaude
Characters/pairing: Leblanc, Flynn, implied Flynn/Yuri
Rating: General

"Also, sir, I must report that the criminal Yuri Lowell was last seen escaping Zaphias in his flying ship, with Princess Estellise and the members of Brave Vesperia."

Commandant Flynn froze at Lowell's name, his expression blank and distant. Something wild glittered behind his eyes. "Yuri. Was he-"

Leblanc's moustache twitched upwards. "He made a run for it as fast as ever, sir. Seemed perfectly healthy to me."

Commandant Flynn breathed out in a rush of soft, helpless laughter. "Of course. Of course he is. Thank you, Lieutenant." And the commandant clasped Leblanc's shoulder, grounded again and stronger than ever.
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I adore Flynn and Leblanc. They are almost the only capable military leadership in the imperial army. Who aren't crazy.

I love how much is in the background here, the restraint in both of them (and the signs that Flynn's only just holding himself in check).
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Great moment, here... I can clearly imagine Flynn's reaction as you've described it.
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Aw, I-I actually like Leblanc and am happy to see a fic with him and Flynn. It's even interesting to see this sort of relaxed atmosphere they can have with both being knights who try to be noble as well as a shared history with Yuri. XD