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Vesperia - Raven & Judith - From A Great Height

Title: Ends
Author: [personal profile] lavendre
Canon: Vesperia
Spoilers: Raven's past
Characters/pairngs: Raven & Judith
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none~

He'd have hoped she listened, because he wasn't keen on speaking twice.

The air was warm, yet somehow, his hands still felt prickly. Raven stuffed them in his pockets for lack of a better thing to do, and observed the dirt at his feet, the crunch of powder as it was carried away with the breeze.

Judith glanced at him. “This is where Casey died, isn't it?”

Slowly, he smiled absently. “Nah, not here. This is where the war was fought, yeah, but...”

“...But not where it ended.”

“Judith darlin', it never truly ended, did it?”

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Aw, you know considering what happened to them both during the Great War and how they were connected through Hermes it was pretty interesting to see a fic on these two characters connecting over this event and how they both lost someone they loved. It was kind of a shame we didn't see something like this in-game since it was such a big deal for both Judith and Raven.

Great work.