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Lavendre ([personal profile] lavendre) wrote in [community profile] tales_1002012-04-07 11:28 pm

Vesperia - Yuri & Estelle - Joke

Title: Joker
Author: lavendre
Canon: Vesperia
Spoilers: none
Character/pairing: Yuri & Estelle
Rating: all audiences
Warnings: none

"It was a joke," Yuri said, but Estelle didn't get it.

Uncomfortable at his words, she weaved her white gloved hands together and asked herself why no one had ever taught her what it was like to talk to lower-class men, why no one had thought to teach her that being able to chat sociably amongst her citizens and recognize their sly remarks was important.

Because certainly, the time she spent pondering Yuri and Raven's erotic conversations everyday could have been put to better use.

When Yuri cocked an eyebrow, and realization dawned, all she felt was embarrassment.

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