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Name:Tales of Drabbles
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A weekly drabble challenge community for Namco's Tales game series
Welcome to Tales 100, a weekly drabble challenge for Namco's Tales series!

Each week, on Sunday, there will be a new theme posted to the community. Participants then have a week to write a drabble of exactly 100 words using that theme. We ask that you stick to the current week's theme, except during "amnesty" weeks, when people are free to revisit any older theme of their choosing.

Things to keep in mind:

1. Any and all parts of the Tales series are allowed, including sequels, spinoffs, and titles that were never released in English. You may do crossovers between different games in the series (hey, the series itself does that!), but please keep to Tales fandoms only. Working from the anime/manga adaptations and bonus material is okay.

2. A drabble is a piece of fiction exactly 100 words long (hence the community name). If your word processor/text editor doesn't have a word count function, you can check the length of your piece with this word count tool. The title does not count toward your 100 words.

3. Each drabble you post should stand alone -- you can't sneak in a longer story by writing it in, for example, three 100-word "chapters." You may post multiple drabbles that are part of a shared continuity, but each one should still make sense when read by itself.

4. Please use a cut tag if your drabble contains significant spoilers (even for older games), explicit sexual content, or any content that requires a warning (see the sample headers).

5. When you post:
- Your subject line should contain the game you're writing for, the characters/pairing, and the theme you're answering. For example: "Abyss, Guy/Luke, heat wave" or "Symphonia, Presea, dreaming."

- The body of your post should begin with the following headers:

Canon: [which game(s) you're writing from]
Rating: [all audiences, teen, mature, explicit]
Warnings: [please warn if your drabble contains dubcon/noncon, incest, self-harm or suicide, or underage characters in sexual situations]

A few specific notes on warnings:
- For the purposes of this community, "underage" means under the age of 16.
- Please do not use silly/"joke" warnings for content that doesn't really need to be warned for.
- Please do not warn for slash/yaoi, femslash/yuri, or het.

6. Be respectful of each other and have fun!

For more game-fandom drabble goodness, check out [community profile] triace_100!
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