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Libek ([personal profile] rainfall) wrote in [community profile] tales_1002012-02-01 10:00 am

Vesperia - Yuri+Flynn - bare skin

Title: A Glimpse
Author: [personal profile] rainfall
Canon: Vesperia
Spoilers: none
Character/pairing: Yuri+Flynn
Rating: PG
Warnings: Tiny sexuality.

Flynn remembered it so clearly.

They were newly knights, and he was laughing, laughing so hard because the uniform only suited one of them. Finally Yuri had enough, scowling as he shed his spaulders -- belt, tunic.

One second Flynn had been trying to say, "No, don't," but still laughing too hard to breathe; the next, he was breathless for a very different reason, watching Yuri skin out of his turtleneck.

Maybe it was the excitement or the laughter, lowering his guard for the first time in years, but suddenly their shared room seemed too small -- and too embarrassing.

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