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Kay ([personal profile] sincere) wrote in [community profile] tales_1002012-01-31 12:15 pm

Vesperia - Raven - bare skin

Title: All Heart
Author: [personal profile] sincere
Canon: Tales of Vesperia
Spoilers: some Raven backstory kinda
Characters/pairing: Raven
Rating: teen
Warnings: none

It wasn't something he could explain to a bunch of kids, but old Raven had been with more people than he could count. Women, men, subordinates, superiors, strangers... For a long time he had thought that meaningless fornication would be a betrayal of her memory, and then for a long time after that, he had wondered if he could drown in it until he felt alive again.

He played to their expectations anyway. The dirty old man, grabbing at everything in a skirt, drooling over a little leg or impressive cleavage.

But skin didn't do much for old Raven anymore.

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